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Give the value back

Community and project involvement pays off, we will prove that with our Wagmi Vault. 


You have a vote!

Get involved, add value to the community and earn rewards.

Here comesWagmi !

The Wagmi vault serves two simple purposes to ensure every member of the Doge Whisperer crew can make it.


Marketing, Marketing & Marketing!

Ensuring marketing is kept constant so there is always as many eyes on the project as possible. This ensures consistent value for every investor old or new.

Community Lottery & Giveaways

This is the very mantra of the Doge Whisperers. The community lottery will be a set prize pool and each time that amount is reached it will be distributed randomly amongst our holders. There will be a minimum required holding to quality for the lottery.

Why should projects only reward their communities when it suits them? We will have constant leader boards and prizes to reward community engagement as well as giveaways for simply being a part of the Doge Whisper Crew!