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The Doge Whisperer

Investing has never been so simple!

We intend to provide a way for users to be able to safely invest in this crypto, and also to help those who have found themselves victim to Scammers and Rug Pulls.


Phase One

  • Launch of Social Media
  • Marketing, lots of it!

Phase Two

  • Initiate the WAGMI Vault
  • CG & CMC Listings
  • Launch Safe Ape contracts

Phase Three

  • Deployment to chosen networks
  • Develop the bridges

Phase Four

You would't believe us even if we told you!!

dog whisperer crypto

Funds are Safu

The most important part of any project in our opinion is full transparency with the investors. This ensures they can invest with 100% confidence.

Fair launch and liquidity

100% of the funds raised from the fair launch will be added to liquidity.

Locked liquidity

The liquidity will be locked Indefinitely and cannot be withdrawn.

Public vault addresses

Vault wallet Addresses will be made public and secured via MultiSig.

Full transparency

All contracts on GitHub and fully audited contract by Solidity Finance.

Community First

Whilst many tokens choose to support charity, we believe in the idea that
we must first support the crypto currency community as a whole.

No more minting

The keys for the token smart contract will be destroyed on inception ensuring there can be no more then 900 billion tokens minted.

Burn it baby

All funds raised from fair launch event will be added to the liquidity with 300 billion tokens. The remainings will be deflationary due to burns.

Fair launch

The launch method will ensure whales are not able to gain any unfair early advantages and Bots can not front run the Token Generation Event.

Built-in 10% Tax on
Buys and Sells

The distribution of this tax will be: 

To the WAGMI Vault
To the Burn Baby Burn Vault
To the Safe Ape Vault
To the DEV/Team Fund
Safe ape vault crytpo tsst

Safe ApeVault

Rug pulls and scams are becoming far too common these days. But it is also harder to distinguish which token could be the next 100x, which is why many take the risks in the first place.

Well, the Doge Whisperer Crew thinks there should be a risk free way to ape and make degen moves.

wagmi vault tsst

The WagmiVault

The Wagmi vault serves two simple purposes to ensure every member of the Doge Whisperer crew can make it in crypto. 

We will have also constant leader boards and prizes to reward community engagement as well as giveaways for simply being a part of the Doge Whisper Crew

Audited by Solidity Finance
Audited Solidity Finance